Kickstarter Campaign funds a startling account of the life and crimes of the Nazi officer who continued to operate as a public figure even after the Second World War

 ALEXANDRIA, Va. – (June 18, 2013) – In the 1940s, Klaus Barbie was a mid-level Nazi officer who tortured and murdered his victims with sadistic pleasure. The unrepentant war criminal was the most important Nazi to continue operating as a public figure even after World War II. The Devil’s Agent: Life, Times and Crimes of Nazi Klaus Barbie, a new book by Peter McFarren and Fadrique Iglesias, reveals a complete and startling portrait of this horrific political figure using previously unpublished letters written from Barbie’s cell in Lyon, France, documentation and over a hundred photographs.

Barbie came to symbolize greed, inhumanity, hatred, abuse of power and collective and personal evil during the half century he operated in Europe and Latin America.  His most sadistic and monstrous acts were committed during World War II, but it was in Bolivia that Barbie established a reputation as a cunning, ruthless and violent operative who acted without scruples or a moral compass. He trafficked in tanks and weapons and supported the hunt for the Argentine-Cuban guerrilla leader “Che” Guevara.  He collaborated with cocaine trafficking kingpin Roberto Suárez Gómez, authoritarian right-wing military governments and a network of former Nazis, paramilitaries and mercenaries from Europe and South America to overthrow a Bolivian civilian government in 1980.

The Devil’s Agent details Barbie’s family history, the role he played as a Gestapo officer in German-occupied France, his responsibility for the murders of more than 14,000 Jews and French Resistance fighters during the Holocaust, his flight from Europe after the war (an event backed by the U.S. Government, the Vatican and the International Red Cross) and his settlement in Bolivia, with his wife, Regine, and two children. It describes Peter McFarren’s personal encounters with Klaus Barbie in 1981, when he and his colleague Maribel Schumacher were arrested in front of the Nazi’s Bolivian home after trying to interview him for a story for The New York Times.

Delving more deeply into the complex persona of Nazi officer Barbie and the twisted underworld he helped build than any previous account, The Devil’s Agent is both an eye-opening study and a brutal reminder of the horrors of the Holocaust and the criminal mindset behind it that continues to plague the world today.

 A campaign supported by the crowd sourcing platform Kickstarter financed the edition of the The Devil’s Agent: Life, Times and Crimes of Nazi Klaus Barbie.  It is indicative of the innovative ways books and other creative media are being financed and made available to the public.

 About the Authors

Peter McFarren is a journalist, photographer, filmmaker, and social entrepreneur who has written about Klaus Barbie since 1980 and worked on several documentaries and many books about him. He currently lives in Cairo, Egypt. Peter is a former Student Intern and current Advisory Board Member of the Panamerican-Panafrican Association which is located in Dumfries, VA.

 Fadrique Iglesias is a columnist and writer specializing in cultural and arts management. He currently works  as an expert on international development and culture in Washington, DC, and lives in Virginia, USA. 

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