George Newcomb, media specialist of the Panamerican-Panamerican Association (the PaPa) and founder and editor of, has supported the Arab Spring movement with his photo journalist activities and tireless coverage of the many demonstrations and events organized by the Syrian-American and Libyan-American communities in the  greater Washington DC area. His coverage has chronicled the idefatiguable efforts of these communities in their support of the great courage that the people of Libya, Syria and other Middle Eastern countries, have shown in fighting for freedom and democracy.
George Newcomb’s efforts were acknowledged by Activists for a Free Syria, who presented him with an award for his “tireless dedication and commitment to the Syrian Revolution and the people of Syria in their quest for justice and freedom.” The award is an acknowledgment of  George Newcomb’s contribution to reportage of the Arab Spring movement expressed through photo journalism which, combined with social media, has brought hope and encouragement to the people on the “frontlines” who have felt the support throughout the world.
George Newcomb has been associated with the PaPa for many years and he continues a tradition that has been inspired by the Founder of the PaPa, Dr. Robert S. Pritchard. A prominent figure in the field of cultural and economic and exchange and a distinguished concert pianist, Dr. Pritchard was a pioneer in the late fifties and early sixties in bringing attention to the American public the struggles of the newly indepedent African Nations for democratic and cultural freedom. Indeed, Dr. Pritchard was an advocate for the liberation movements of Zimbabwe, Angola, Namibia and South Africa, bringing attention to their struggles through benefit concerts and deliberations with such leaders as Agostino Neto (head of the MPLA and first President of Angola) and Sam Nujoma (head of SWAPO and first President of Namibia).
Dr. Pritchard also has ties to Syria where he traveled and resided for one year in the late 1990s, enjoying the Syrian people’s culture and experiencing their hunger for democracy.
Newcomb commented that through his work in reporting on the Syrian and Lybian communities in Washington, DC, he has been inspired by the “activists”  who share news they receive from  their relatives and friends in Syria and Libya and the remarkable courage they manifest and the hardships they endure to being freedom to their nations.

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