(December 12, 2021, Springfield, Virginia) Bolivian pianist Luis Alberto Rojas Miranda was greeted with great affection by the audience after his phenomenal performance of traditional folkloric music of his native country at Sabor Boliviano in Springfield, VA. Each piece brought back memories of their homeland to the primarily Bolivian audience as Luis Rojas Miranda performed with great virtuosity cuecas, bailecitos, taquiraris, tangos and many other jewels of traditional music.  He was accompanied by two other great musicians, Juan Carlos Robles at the drums and Marcelo Peredo on guitar, charango and vocals.

The Panamerican-Panafrican Association was a proud patron of this event as one of its missions is to promote cultural exchange between peoples around the world as a means to promote greater understanding. Executive Director Henry Polgar commented, “Luis Rojas Miranda has been a great ambassador for this great Bolivian musical tradition as he ensures that it will be preserved for generations to come.” Julio Villazon, Director of Comite Pro Bolivia and Julia Garcia, its Director of Culture, were also present to honor the artist.

Luis Alberto Rojas Miranda was born in  Cochabamba and initiated his piano studies at age 5 with his father, the famed Maestro Oscar Rojas Caballero, the founder of the Academia Musical Oscar Rojas (Amor). He pursued his studies in classical music at the University of Minas Gerais Brazil while at the same time performing with several groups to promote Bolivian and Latin American folkloric music using native Bolivian instruments such as the quena, charango, etc.  Pianist Rojas Miranda also served as director of the Andean Music Embassy, inspiring young Bolivian musicians to represent Bolivia in various musical festivals around the world.

He continues his career as a piano soloist, promulgating the music of great Bolivian composers, particularly the compositions of Simeon Roncal.

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